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Re: cjk-lyx

Sorry for the belated response...
On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 12:56:23PM -0700, Curtis Brune wrote:
> I have xcin working now.  I had to wrestle with my locale setting.  On
> my system I have files for zh_TW.big5, but not zh_TW.Big5 ( note the
> capitalization of the "b" in big ).  All the debian docs have a capital
> "B", but when I use the little "b" it's much more happy.  Why is that? 
> I don't fully understand files like locale.alias yet (also there seems
> to be two versions, one for linux and one for X11).

This is due to the recent (well, not so recent) upgrade to glibc 2.2;
the way in which locales were handled have changed massively (for the
better IMHO). In particular, glibc standardised locale names such that
in the encoding part (the part after the dot), all punctuations are
trimmed and everything is in lower case. So now zh_TW.Big5 becomes
zh_TW.big5, and zh_TW.UTF-8 becomes zh_TW.utf8, for example.

Yes, the docs need to be updated ...

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