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Re: input methods -- xcin or chinput

curt> Then I started up xcin and rxvt -- I was able to enter pinyin just like
curt> I wanted.  Fantastic!  It also works for me in xemacs.  

You get it. Congratulations!

curt> I'm having problems with regular emacs, however.

I think you also can do it in emacs since emacs do support XIM by a patch
which I mentioned before in the ML. 

curt> The input method suggested below, "C-x RET C-\ chinese-py-b5", does seem
curt> to work, but the fonts displayed aren't correct.  All I get are little
curt> white boxes and rectangles.  Is there a way to set the fonts correctly
curt> for regular emacs (not xemacs)?

One way: add "Emacs.Font: fontset-standard" in ~/.Xresources



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