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Re: cjk-lyx

Anthony Fok wrote:
> > Do I need xcin or some other input filter?
> Yes, xcin or chinput.  If you are using Pinyin, Chinput may be a better
> choice, as it has an intelligent toneless pinyin input method that, IMHO,
> has a more natural feel to it.  XCIN, on the other hand, excels in Bopomofo
> (Zhuyin) and other input methods.

Thanks for all your help!  I seem to have touched on a couple of items
from the team's todo list...  I might be available to help out, but I
can't read chinese yet.

I have xcin working now.  I had to wrestle with my locale setting.  On
my system I have files for zh_TW.big5, but not zh_TW.Big5 ( note the
capitalization of the "b" in big ).  All the debian docs have a capital
"B", but when I use the little "b" it's much more happy.  Why is that? 
I don't fully understand files like locale.alias yet (also there seems
to be two versions, one for linux and one for X11).

I think I understand the xcin config file.  What I really want is to
enter pinyin like we use my class and like what cxterm uses.  For
example I want to type "ni3 hao3".  The tones are important to me,
because that's a big part of what I'm trying to learn.  How do I set
that up for xcin?

I'm going to try the abiword soon.

Thanks again.


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