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Re: [Q]Book PCII(BKS630)

kit> >请问国产的Book PCII(BKS630)是否可跑 Linux? 由于它基本上是一体的,
kit> >不能换卡,所以我很担心它的网卡,显卡等是否被 Linux支持. 有关硬件数据
kit> >请参考: http://www.ecs.com.tw/products/bookpc2-spec.htm
kit> >谢谢!
kit> The bottom options section have the choice of Linux OS. It seem most
kit> computer manufacturers have the sense of future. :)

Thanks. I also notice it, but I could not find any information about it 
elsewhere. A clerk told me that he heard one guy has succeeded in running
Linux on it, but he does not sure the LAN card works or not.   

kit> What is the price different between S630 and i810, seem i810 have better
kit> support in Linux, because of Realtek, 810E..

Only S630 is available in my place now. It is about 340 US$ with 
CyrixIII 600MHZ, memory 64MB and HD 8GB. Cheap?
kit> have you checked
kit> ecs.com.tw's support section? For BIOS or other material?

I have just done. But could not find any information about Linux.
I will make a contact with the company.
Thank you so much for your information!



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