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Re: FAQ... Swap partition... how big?

zhaoway> > FYI, it depends on how much your physical RAM is. Generally
zhaoway> > speaking, if your physical RAM > 64MB you should not make a swap
zhaoway> > double of physical RAM.
zhaoway> Why?

Not have so much reason, it is just my experience. For the most of users
128MB+128MBswap is enough. Too much swap will make a machine slow possibly.

zhaoway> zw@q:~/ > free -m
zhaoway>              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
zhaoway> Mem:            61         59          1          0          7         22
zhaoway> -/+ buffers/cache:         29         31
zhaoway> Swap:          392         17        375

Look, only 17MB of your swap is used.:-)

zhaoway> BTW, is -gb@l.d.o losing email from -big5@l.d.o ? I didn't read the
zhaoway> orig post but only this reply.

But I read the original one from chinese-gb.



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