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RE: [Q]Book PCII(BKS630)

>请问国产的Book PCII(BKS630)是否可跑 Linux? 由于它基本上是一体的,
>不能换卡,所以我很担心它的网卡,显卡等是否被 Linux支持. 有关硬件数据
>请参考: http://www.ecs.com.tw/products/bookpc2-spec.htm

The bottom options section have the choice of Linux OS. It seem most
computer manufacturers have the sense of future. :)

What is the price different between S630 and i810, seem i810 have better
support in Linux, because of Realtek, 810E..
BTW, We have a BookPC with http://www.amptron.com/html/bkmvp4s.html , it is
a OEM from Taiwan manufacturer as well. It run happily with Slackware. Most
driver can download from their download section, have you checked
ecs.com.tw's support section? For BIOS or other material?

WK Yeung

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