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RE: Debian|w,E?YAD

>There is a Pico-clone named nano which is included in
>Debian.. Pls care that Debian is a distro respect
>license very much.

I didn't blame Debian about pico missing in the list and I understand why
Debian missing them as well.
ha shao's reply made me upset about pico (and its license) only. I am not
blaming anyone. Don't be so serious...

>Besides, I recommend you try others editor rather then pico...
>like joe, vi, emacs
>pico got too less function to be a serious editor.

I just get the nano, it is nice, identical to pico but I am using vi now.
BTW, Editors are always the beginning of flame war. :)
vi rulez! (oh.. did I support pico !?... :P)


WK Yeung

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