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Re: ?ùD£??ò???£? dbootstrap.pot.5.gb 3?D£

 #: kbdconfig.c:170
msgid "VME console does not support keymaps."
msgstr "VME控制台不支持键映射。"

#: kbdconfig.c:210
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Couldn't find a keyboard mapping file named '%s'.  If you used the "
"'kbd=<name>' boot parameter, the value passed as 'name' must be incorrect.\n"
"Press <ENTER> to select a keyboard manually."
msgstr ""
"找不到键盘影射文件'%s'。如果您使用了启动参数 'kbd=<name>',这个值 'name' 一定"

#: kbdconfig.c:220
#, c-format
msgid "Can't write to temporary user settings file %s"
msgstr "不能写入暂时用户设定文件 %s"
#: kbdconfig.c:234
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading the keymap %s%s.bmap from /etc/keymaps.tgz"
msgstr "从/etc/keymaps.tgz载入 键映射 %s%s.bmap 时发生错误"

#: main_menu.c:153 main_menu.c:190 main_menu.c:339 main_menu.c:416
#: partition_config.c:511
msgid "Do Without a Swap Partition"
msgstr "不用交换分区"
#: main_menu.c:178
msgid "Eject Floppy Disks"
msgstr "退出软盘"
        ****取出, 弹出?
> #: main_menu.c:580
> msgid ""
> "You will either boot Linux from a floppy disk, or you will have it boot from "
> "the hard disk when your system is turned on.  Please select \"Next\" to make "
> "Linux bootable the hard disk, select \"Alternate\" to make a boot floppy, or "
> "select \"Alternate1\" to reboot the system."
> msgstr ""
> "开机后可以从软盘上启动Linux,也可以从硬盘上启动。请选择“下一步”制作可启"
> "动Linux的硬盘,选择“另一步”制作一个启动软盘,或选择“另一步1”重新启动系"
> "统。"


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