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Re: Release announcement simplified Chinese translation update

On Wed, Feb 18 2009, Jens Seidel wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 02:43:11AM +0800, Anthony Wong wrote:
>> I have been thinking that using Big5 as the primary encoding for both TC
>> (Traditional Chinese) and SC (Simplified Chinese) versions of Debian website
>> are detrimental to user contributions. To summarize the current situation of
>> the Chinese versions of Debian website, translations must be done in Big5
>> WML files, TC version is basically converted simply from WML to HTML, but to
>> generate the SC versions, Big5 files must be converted to GB2312 first. It
>> is done so due to the one-to-many SC-TC mappings problem. To deal with the
>> differences of terms for the same meaning in TC and SC, like 文件 and 檔案, we
>> use a simple mapping table written in Perl and for some terms that are
>> rarely used, inline WML substitution syntax is used, like
>> [CN:文件:][HKTW:檔案:].
>> I suggest 1. to convert all existing Chinese WML files for the Debian
>> website from Big5 to UTF-8, and 2. to use MediaWiki's Chinese conversion
>> table to do both TC-SC and SC-TC conversions.
> Will conditionals as [CN:...] still be used/required?

I think they are still required in case of mis-auto-conversion.

> What dialect (TC resp. SC) do you suggest for committed files? Both is
> probably not possible or requires that the build system is extented to
> either support a file name suffix to recognize the dialect or a WML
> tag such as #use debian::chinese::Traditional_Chinese.

If we migrate to a UTF-8 based build system, then both dialects can be
used in one file.

- Kanru

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