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Re: Some questions about Kapps and apt

> Can you unset all the Chinese locale related environments? It seems
> that you still have Chinese messages. From some ptrace I got, it seems
> the problem is gettext related. So ...

	Thanks, it works after I unset all of the locale setting related
	to "zh_TW.Big5".
	But other problems have happened again, and I am in trouble again.
	I remeber when I upgrade the "potato" to "unstable", whenever there
	is a error message like this ( dpkg error). I just run "dpkg --cofigure -a"
	or go to the /var/cache/apt/archieves/ to directly use "dpkg -i package"
	to correct the error messages.
	But know, either way can not work. 
	Can I get more information about this kind of error messages? Or is there
	exist any kind of methods which can be used to trace this kind of errors?
	Thank and brother you again.


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