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Re: Some questions about Kapps and apt

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 06:57:27PM +0800, phinex@hpcc.ee.nthu.edu.tw wrote:
> 	我習慣每隔一陣子用 apt-get update; apt-get upgrade
> 	來檢察 unstable 裡面有沒有更新套件...不過..
> 	我實在不清處用 apt-get upgrade 後...系統預設會檢察那些
> 	packages 來升級?因為有些 package 似乎有問題..導致用 
> 	apt-get upgrade 都會失敗..(好像是 .deb 檔有問題..因為我直接
> 	用 dpkg -i 安裝也不行...)

dpkg in unstable had a bug that will break installation of certain
packages under Chinese locale (at least under zh_CN.GB2312). If it is
the bug you see, set your LC_CTYPE to none "export LC_CTYPE=" and try
again. If still won't work, I don't know then.

> 	我想問的是...如果用 dselect 可以用 hold (=) 來讓系統不升級
> 	某些 packages,但是是不是如果用 apt-get upgrade 就沒辦法選擇
> 	性的升級某些 packages呢? 因為用 dselect 來作 upgrade 的動作
> 	實在太累了 ...

apt-get cannot do that, but you can use dpkg --set-selections as:
 echo "package hold" |dpkg --set-selections
The format is the same as 'dpkg --get-selections' man dpkg

> 	第二是關于 KDE 下的 apps (例如:kmail 以及 kpresenter..)
> 	如果我想在 Gnome 下使用...關于 locale 的部份..
> 	會顯示亂碼..(也就是中文無法顯示..)但是這在 KDE 本身 
> 	的環境下卻又沒問題。是不是可以透過某些特定的環境
> 	變數設定,來使用 Kapps呢?因為 KDE 下有一些軟體真的蠻好用的..
> 	所以才會有這個問題...

Maybe KDE reads its own config file for locale setting. ~/.kdexxx? I don't
use kde. read its manual.

> 	另外..不知道是不是有特定的軟體可以從另外一台 Server 的
> 	/var/spool/mail 下直些把屬于自己 account 的 mail 搬到
> 	自己使用的電腦上? 

Just download the file and append it to your local 
/var/spool/mail/username or use .forward to forward when 
the mail arrived. I don't any utilities will do this
automatically. Most likely a few lines of script.

Best regard

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