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Re: Chinese(GB) input method in emacs?

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 11:40:05AM +0900, gcwen@a5.shes.net wrote:
> I have upgrade libc6, xlib6g and so on to the version of potato
> and installed xcingb2.3.02-3.1. xcingb works well in  crxvt-gb-2.3
> and jed, but I have no idea to combine it with emacs. It seems that
> xcin could not communicate with emacs well even though the emacs 
> window is opened in crxvt-gb-2.3 terminal by $emacs -nw . 
> I could not find any information of howto talk xcin in emacs. 
> Would you please give me some helpful hints? Thanks a lot.

Argh! :)

I'm using XEmacs 21.2 Beta35 Nike compiled locally with xim support (which
is critical). AFAIK, woody version of XEmacs-mule support XIM.

my gnome-session is under environment variables as:
(But really i'm not sure with the above, 'cause i use gnome-session+gdm
which is totally beyond my ability to understand, ;)

and, you don't really need to run XEmacs in a terminal, the X app
is just much more attractive, especially if you get those set of
NeXT look tool icons for XEmacs. :)

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