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Re: Chinese(GB) input method in emacs?

Yeah, it is a good idea to upgrade everything from slink to potato 
or woody, but a faster internet access or CDs of potato are not 
available for me in my current stage.
I have upgrade libc6, xlib6g and so on to the version of potato
and installed xcingb2.3.02-3.1. xcingb works well in  crxvt-gb-2.3
and jed, but I have no idea to combine it with emacs. It seems that
xcin could not communicate with emacs well even though the emacs 
window is opened in crxvt-gb-2.3 terminal by $emacs -nw . 
I could not find any information of howto talk xcin in emacs. 
Would you please give me some helpful hints? Thanks a lot.

P.S. my Emacs vresion is 20.3

zw> On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 07:02:18AM +0900, gcwen@a5.shes.net wrote:
zw> > zw> > emacs自帶的簡體中文輸入法quail/PY只能單字輸入,很笨.誰能介紹
zw> > zw> > 一種在emacs上高效率的簡體中文輸入法? 多謝!
zw> > zw> 
zw> > zw> you may try XCIN with emacs.
zw> > zw> 
zw> > zw> i'm now using xcin+xemacs with a quite satisfying result.
zw> > 
zw> > Ok,I will try it soon. My current version is slink. Is that possible
zw> > to realize it by only installing or upgrading a few packages related
zw> > to xcingb from potato? 
zw> > Thank you so much for your advice.
zw> for better chinese support, you may as well required to upgrade to
zw> potato/woody, unfortunately, and get quite a big thingy of that xemacs
zw> new versions! :)

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