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Re: ??debian 2.2????php4

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 02:47:35AM +0800, aahsi@.SYNTAX-ERROR wrote:
> 大家好...
>    最近我將機器從2.1升級到2.2...然後利用dselect來安裝 imp and php4
>    但是dselect一直都不讓我選擇php4...請問要如何解決呢
>    謝謝...祝福大家... 

not sure. but you maybe wanna try:

$ sudo capt

if you're using a vanilla potato, you may as well try this first:

$ sudo apt-get install console-apt

and then you may got a very nice frontend to dpkg sub-system, then
search to php4, then check it, then install, see what will happen...

remember, man is your best friend! :)

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