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Re: Chinese(GB) input method in emacs?

: > I have upgrade libc6, xlib6g and so on to the version of potato
: > and installed xcingb2.3.02-3.1. xcingb works well in  crxvt-gb-2.3
: I'm using XEmacs 21.2 Beta35 Nike compiled locally with xim support (which
: is critical). AFAIK, woody version of XEmacs-mule support XIM.


Please also note that xcingb2.3.02-3.1 dose not support XIM protocol,
which means, even you install XEmacs-mule with XIM support, you still
cannot input from xcingb2.3. You have to install xcin-2.5 series. The
stable version of xcin-2.5 could be found in Debian packages. If you
want to try the latest under-development version, please see:



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