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Re: simple-cdd: Non-free firmware is included in Buster image, but not in Bullseye image

Hi Scott,

Am Montag, dem 25.10.2021 um 00:33 +1100 schrieb Scott:
> I have a simple-cdd project which I currently run on Buster to build a 
> Buster image. It includes one non-free firmware package 
> (firmware-iwlwifi) in the image. That package is listed in my .packages 
> file.
> When the project is run on Bullseye to build a Bullseye image though, 
> that firmware package is not included in the image, although I want it 
> to be.

I'll test it soon.

> Maybe I'm missing something simple or obvious, but I can't see it.
> The project is here if that's any use: 
> https://github.com/countermeasure/basic-box/

JFTR: I have this project setup:

I keep profiles for different purposes . I also keep profiles for different
(end-user) targets in separate (private) branches. So this project only
contains the basic profiles to mix them together. I like your setup for a full
encryption. I'd like to add this to my project in a separate profile.

Or maybe we can move these profiles back into simple-cdd so every user can
benefit of them.

> I filed this bug report describing the problem further, but the only 
> reply to it recommends exporting FORCE_FIRMWARE=1 as a solution, which I 
> tried but found not to work:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=995986


BTW: You have a typo in your preseed file (di -> d-i down at grub-installer's

Regards, Daniel
Daniel Leidert <dleidert@debian.org> | https://www.wgdd.de/
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