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simple-cdd: Non-free firmware is included in Buster image, but not in Bullseye image

Hi everyone,

I have a simple-cdd project which I currently run on Buster to build a Buster image. It includes one non-free firmware package (firmware-iwlwifi) in the image. That package is listed in my .packages file.

When the project is run on Bullseye to build a Bullseye image though, that firmware package is not included in the image, although I want it to be.

Maybe I'm missing something simple or obvious, but I can't see it.

The project is here if that's any use: https://github.com/countermeasure/basic-box/

I filed this bug report describing the problem further, but the only reply to it recommends exporting FORCE_FIRMWARE=1 as a solution, which I tried but found not to work:


So I have two (related) questions:

1) Does anyone have any advice for getting a simple-cdd project which successfully includes some non-free firmware when run on Buster to also include that firmware when run on Bullseye; and

2) Can anyone confirm that simple-cdd is able to include non-free firmware when run on Bullseye, and maybe point me to a working example of that?



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