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Re: Spyder package missing from jigdo amd64 weekly 16 GB stick ISO, but its dependencies are there

On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 03:01:54PM +0200, epsommumule@virgilio.it wrote:
>I am now using the BluRay image which contains Spyder and its dependencies, so I am fine.
>But obviously there is a problem with the current algo being used if
>the dependencies of a software end up in an ISO but not the software
>actually depending on them.

No, there is *not* obviously a problem there. There would be a problem
the *other* way round, as then you'd have the top-level software
package but not be able to install it. As I said, we sort packages in
dependency order and then go through the list as far as we can before
the media is full.

>I remember being surprised by the size of the ISO being significantly
>less than 16 GB. I believe it was 14.8 GB. I just downloaded it again
>to verify and voila : 14,8 Gio (15 909 054 464) Well...also known as
>: 15,9 GB

Right, so you can see the difference between GiB (powers of 2) and GB
(powers of 10). Storage media is normally describe in terms of GB, as
that way the numbers look bigger.

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