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Re: Spyder package missing from jigdo amd64 weekly 16 GB stick ISO, but its dependencies are there

Hi Steve!

The 16GB image is actually less than 15GB.
The Spyder package is 200kb.
There is ample room.
Someone who does not use Spyder put python3-spyder in this ISO thinking it was the real Spyder software, except that it was just one if its dependencies.
You could either remove the dependencies or add the small Spyder package, but leaving things as they are makes no sense.

Cheers !

> Il 28/07/2021 22:54 Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> ha scritto:
> Hi!
> On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 08:26:53PM +0200, epsommumule@virgilio.it wrote:
> >
> >The Spyder package is missing from jigdo amd64 weekly 16 GB stick ISO.
> >
> >All its dependencies are there like python3-spyder, but since spyder
> >itself is missing, spyder can not be used.
> >
> >https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/weekly-builds/amd64/jigdo-16G/
> >
> >https://packages.debian.org/fr/sid/spyder
> >
> >I quote from this page : "This package provides the application for Python 3."
> The 16GB image isn't big enough to hold every package in Debian, I'm
> afraid. A full set of all packages for amd64 bullseye is currently
> around 70GB...
> -- 
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