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Re: Trivial? arm64 weekly distro request to save us hassles:

Hello All,

On 2021.04.28 04:14, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Hello Dave,

Yahoo pugh_ca <pugh_ca@yahoo.com> (2021-04-27):
I am one of those Raspberry Pi 4 users who is vanilla-installing your
weekly Bullseye testing netinst.iso's.The one problem we always have
is that we must jump thru hoops to get the applicable .ko to use for
bcmgenet (Broadcom gigabit ethernet).I was not successful finding a
'mdio-bcm-unimac.ko' for the April 26 weekly release, actually.

Can you ensure that the kernel module that implements bcmgenet is
included in the distro so that out network detection portion of the
netinst.iso install always succeeds?

That would be fantastic for us Raspberry Pi 4 users eagerly keeping up
with the weekly testing arm64 netinst.iso's.

This in tracked on the linux kernel side in:

For reference I have submitted a new pull request against src:linux that attempts to fix this in https://salsa.debian.org/kernel-team/linux/-/merge_requests/350.

Again, I would really appreciate if this could be looked into as a matter of priority since this is a major bug that effectively prevents the installation of Debian 11 on the most popular ARM64 platform out there, and we've really been hoping that this would be relatively straightforward to fix for people who are familiar with the Debian install image generation process.



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