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Re: Speed up installation: increase priority of eatmydata-udeb to standard

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> ValdikSS <iam@valdikss.org.ru> (2021-04-28):
>> eatmydata-udeb package is designed to speed up the installation process.
>> However, it's not used by default and could be activated only with preseed
>> file or kernel cmdline argument.
>> Please consider increasing eatmydata-udeb priority to standard in
>> debian-installer overrides, for it to be used by default. This will speed up
>> installation by an order on slower HDDs.
>> It will be perfect to include this change before final Bullseye ISO release.
>> For more information, read the post in debian-boot:
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2021/03/msg00121.html
> We already have a lot of serious problems to solve in the installer;
> I wouldn't want to see possible extra perturbations due to a syscall
> interceptor.
> The best would be to have that kind of change happen right at the
> beginning of a release cycle, rather than in the last few weeks
> before a release…
> A compromise might be thinking about backporting the change to
> bullseye once it's been tested with some D-I Bookworm Alpha 1 (but
> that would also be a rather important change to backport to a stable
> release…).
> Happy to hear other opinions.

Would it be possible to make this conditional on something being set on
the kernel command-line, so that people are in a position to opt-in to
using it?

This seems to be an endlessly repeating dance, where the effort
available to d-i seems to ebb and flow in synchronisation with the
release cycle, but the opportunity to make interesting changes is in
anti-phase with that.

If we had a conditional looking out for e.g. "experimental=..." on the
kernel command line, and then treating that as a list of things that
people are trying to test, then people would be able to easily
experiment with these things and report successes/failures such that we
might be able to:

 take advantage of people that are keen to make contributions during the
 late phase of the release that can spend one cycle in a state where
 they are only used if the user opts-in.

 provide a trivial way of taking advantage of innovations without
 endangering the reliability of the default installer, where those
 supporting the change just need to add 'experimental=eatmydata' to the
 kernel command line in order to give confidence for inclusion in the
 next release.

Obviously, there is a problem introducing such a change right now.

Typical, eh ;-)

Could we start out with a baby step having a new experimental-netinst
flavour of ISO, which includes a list of experimental udebs in addition
to the normal ones?

I'm happy to put effort into making that happen BTW.

Cheers, Phil.
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