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Re: Trivial? arm64 weekly distro request to save us hassles:

Hello Dave,

Yahoo pugh_ca <pugh_ca@yahoo.com> (2021-04-27):
> I am one of those Raspberry Pi 4 users who is vanilla-installing your
> weekly Bullseye testing netinst.iso's.The one problem we always have
> is that we must jump thru hoops to get the applicable .ko to use for
> bcmgenet (Broadcom gigabit ethernet).I was not successful finding a
> 'mdio-bcm-unimac.ko' for the April 26 weekly release, actually.
> Can you ensure that the kernel module that implements bcmgenet is
> included in the distro so that out network detection portion of the
> netinst.iso install always succeeds?
> That would be fantastic for us Raspberry Pi 4 users eagerly keeping up
> with the weekly testing arm64 netinst.iso's.

This in tracked on the linux kernel side in:

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