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Different order of packages on Debian 9.2.0 images vs. 9.1.0 images


When upgrading from Debian 9.1.0 to 9.2.0 using only the first Blu-ray
image (amd64) (without Internet connection), I noticed that many
packages that were available on the old 9.1.0 Blu-ray image were not
available on the new 9.2.0 image. I then downloaded the double-layer
Blu-ray image for 9.2.0, and noticed that many of those packages still
were not available.

As I don't recall a change like this since I switched to Debian
(starting with 8.5), is this an intentional change or is it due to an
issue in the image creation process?


PS: I have since started using the first single-layer Blu-ray image for
9.0.0 with the 9.2.0 update DVDs.

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