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Re: The Three Requests

> >2. Please "implantisomd5" -- this allows to do a disc-wide quality
> >check easily.
> >NOTE: both debian-cd and jigdo-lite must be modified, and should
> >performs steps 1+2 before release.
> >It makes sense to publish MD5sums / SHA256sums based on final ISO,
> >after steps 1+2 were applied.
> There's already checksum stuff and a checker inside d-i.

The advantage of "implantisomd5" command, is that it does disc-wide checksum of the whole media, instead of per-file checksum.

And unlike running external md5sum /dev/cdrom, it doesn't require the Internet or any external MD5sum printed on paper.

It runs like the latter, but with internal md5sum, stored inside *.iso image itself. This solution is very elegant and technically beautiful.

This solves two problems :
I can check lots of different whole iso images sitting on hard disk (checkisomd5 /debian-image.iso) without loop mounting it and checking each package, and/or a physical disc without running it's contents.

> >3. Please add BD-XL 100 GB images to "jigdo" repository. I'm using
> >both physical Blu-Ray XL media *and* a lot of ISO images on hard disks
> >for virtualization systems. It's *much* much much faster than using
> >any online repository.
> You've asked for this already several times, and I've said why we're
> not doing this already. Without more users asking for it, I'm not
> going to add ever-bigger media sizes.

Sad. This means that I will have to do it myself eventually. (which will cost me lots of time).

-Alexey "Technologov"

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