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Re: The Three Requests


Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> 1. Hybridize ISO images

The amd64 and i386 ISOs are equipped with isohybrid functionality.
In which ISOs are you missing this feature ?

> 2. Please "implantisomd5"

I assume this will meet the same obstacles as the wish for isohybrid
a few years ago: Changing the ISO by postprocessimg would spoil jigdo.

xorriso -as mkisofs offers option --md5. It equips the superblock, the
directory tree, and the whole session with MD5. Each data file gets
an own MD5.

They can later be checked by xorriso commands -check_media or -check_md5_r.

  xorriso -md5 on -indev debian...iso -check_media --

Inquiry of the MD5s and their covered size is not yet implemented, but
could be done, if desired.

Have a nice day :)


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