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Re: CD Debian Lenny

Hi Art,

I doubt you can buy a Lenny DVD these days.  Your best bet is to find a friend with a working DVD burner.

After you've got a bootable DVD, take a look at the documentation that Narcis Garcia linked to in his reply.  Installing on a PowerPC machine is not different in any important way from installing on an x86 or amd64 machine, but it helps to read the docs in any case...

Hope that helps!

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 1:52 AM, Art Grandi <wanwalk2@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rick!

Thanks for your Quick answer. Yes it is a G3 and it is the one model Apple made impossible to boot with anyother mac OS version than the exact version that came originnally with it.

I thought lenny would be also a Little lighter than modwern versions, as it is an o´lder computer with just 526 MB RAM.

I have lost much time the last 2 months trying to burn DVDs from different versions of Linux  -Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora with an external USB DVD. In the past I Always burned from my Windows machine  which has an internal burner, but now I want to become independent of windows.

The Jessie version a I tried 8,01 started to install but when i made some mistake informing hostname it failed and tjhe mac Went dead.

So now I want to try lenny on the dead mac, via yaboot which i iam trying to learn. I have downloaded Lenny jigdo from my Linux machine and got positive information from the jigdo that the files were good. I can click on the DVD´s Icon  and see the folders and files  in them.

Tried to burn them from many combinations of Linux and burners, both graphic and command line without success.  I Think it must have been an unlucky combination of problems as Xfburn refuses in all my Linux version to recognize   media in my external DVD, although ´computer can browse through the DVDs. Brasero could in some versions burn Lennyu to the DVDs, but the result was a "bin" file EVEN when i choosed "Iso9660" as the file type in the Brasero option. 

It is therefore I decided to try and buy DVDs of Lenny if that will allow me  more time to deal with the problems in installing to the ibook.

If it is not possible to get the DVDs maaybe you can tip me some Place to look for help.

THanks again, and have a nice day,

Art Grandi

2015-10-19 5:23 GMT+02:00 Rick Thomas <rbtfrog@gmail.com>:
Hi Art,

Is there any reason you need specifically Lenny?  Current Debian for PowerPC is Jessie, which is a couple of generations beyond Lenny.

Is it that your processor is a G3, not G4?  I don't know if the more recent Debian versions support G3 any more, but that would be a good reason for using Lenny.

In any case, the DVD iso for Lenny for PowerPC is downloadable for free at

Feel free to ask at debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org if there is anything else I or others can do to help.


On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 1:48 PM, Art Grandi <wanwalk2@gmail.com> wrote:

I would like to acquire a DVD version of  Debian Lenny, in order to try recovering an ibook G3 Dual (M6497).

CAn you help me in any way?  Do you know of any other Linux version that might fit this computer, which you would recommend ?

I intend to use this machine on the road, mostly  for writing documents and emails, and editing simple recordings of my guitar.

nice day for all of you that do such a nice work to help people around the world,

art grandi

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