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Re: CD Debian Lenny

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 01:54:09AM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Hi Art,
> I doubt you can buy a Lenny DVD these days.  Your best bet is to find a
> friend with a working DVD burner.
> After you've got a bootable DVD, take a look at the documentation that
> Narcis Garcia linked to in his reply.  Installing on a PowerPC machine is
> not different in any important way from installing on an x86 or amd64
> machine, but it helps to read the docs in any case...

Well the bootloader is different in general, but yeah other than that it is pretty similar.

> Hope that helps!
> Rick
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 1:52 AM, Art Grandi <wanwalk2@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Rick!
> >
> > Thanks for your Quick answer. Yes it is a G3 and it is the one model Apple
> > made impossible to boot with anyother mac OS version than the exact version
> > that came originnally with it.
> >
> > I thought lenny would be also a Little lighter than modwern versions, as
> > it is an o´lder computer with just 526 MB RAM.
> >
> > I have lost much time the last 2 months trying to burn DVDs from different
> > versions of Linux  -Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora with an external USB
> > DVD. In the past I Always burned from my Windows machine  which has an
> > internal burner, but now I want to become independent of windows.
> >
> > The Jessie version a I tried 8,01 started to install but when i made some
> > mistake informing hostname it failed and tjhe mac Went dead.
> >
> > So now I want to try lenny on the dead mac, via yaboot which i iam trying
> > to learn. I have downloaded Lenny jigdo from my Linux machine and got
> > positive information from the jigdo that the files were good. I can click
> > on the DVD´s Icon  and see the folders and files  in them.
> >
> > Tried to burn them from many combinations of Linux and burners, both
> > graphic and command line without success.  I Think it must have been an
> > unlucky combination of problems as Xfburn refuses in all my Linux version
> > to recognize   media in my external DVD, although ´computer can
> > browse through the DVDs. Brasero could in some versions burn Lennyu to the
> > DVDs, but the result was a "bin" file EVEN when i choosed "Iso9660" as the
> > file type in the Brasero option.

The way I always burn DVD images in linux is:

growisofs -Z /dev/dvdrw=debianimage.iso -dvd-compat

I have seen that a lot of external USB dvd writers can read USB powered
but can only reliably write if using an external power supply.  Also some
are DVD-R or DVD+R only, and not both for writing.

growisofs is part of the dvd+rw-tools in some Debian releases, and a
seperate package in others (although dvd+rw-tools will depend on growisofs
if it is seperate).

Len Sorensen

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