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Re: 7.6 and 6.0.10

On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 09:53:21PM +0100, Adam Barratt wrote:
>(Somewhat belatedly) it's time to organise the next point releases for
>Wheezy and Squeeze (7.6 and 6.0.10).
>This will be the final point release for Squeeze, incorporating as many
>of the packages from opu and squeeze-security as we can (some will
>have to be skipped - there's a security package in opu-NEW and one in
>opu where the versions are higher than both pu and stable, for
>instance). As is often the case, that means it needs to occur after 7.6,
>as there is currently at least one package where the versions sort as pu
>> opu > stable > oldstable.
>Giving ourselves the usual pre-window to get organised, some suggested
>dates would be:
>- June 28/29
>- July 5/6
>- July 12/13
>- July 19/20
>- July 26/27

Apologies for the delay in responding...

I believe I should be free for doing CD builds on all of those

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