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7.6 and 6.0.10


(Somewhat belatedly) it's time to organise the next point releases for
Wheezy and Squeeze (7.6 and 6.0.10).

This will be the final point release for Squeeze, incorporating as many
of the packages from opu and squeeze-security as we can (some will
have to be skipped - there's a security package in opu-NEW and one in
opu where the versions are higher than both pu and stable, for
instance). As is often the case, that means it needs to occur after 7.6,
as there is currently at least one package where the versions sort as pu
> opu > stable > oldstable.

Giving ourselves the usual pre-window to get organised, some suggested
dates would be:

- June 28/29
- July 5/6
- July 12/13
- July 19/20
- July 26/27



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