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Re: Installation of Debian-Testing-AMD64, DVD and Netinst, Fails on ASUS Eeepc 1215B

Il giorno lun, 09/06/2014 alle 21.37 -0400, Marc Hurst ha scritto:
> I've tried installing Debian-Testing-AMD64 (5-30-2014 and 6-9-2014 
> weekly) builds (DVD and netinst versions) on my ASUS Eeepc 1215B. In all 
> cases the installation fails after the  "Detecting Network Hardware" 
> progress bar.
> I confirmed that the same downloads work successfully on a different PC..
> I think there may be a problem relative to the Eeepc hardware.
> --Marc

Marc the best place to discuss this kind of issues is debian-boot
mailing list. Any way the best you can do to help d-i team in helping
you is to collect installer log, lspci -vv output and all the
information you have about your hardware and also specify better the CD
you used to do the test. 

In the meanwhile take the time to try a daily build installer could be
of good help.


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