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Re: ia64_iso

[ again re-adding CCs to the lists for the benefit of others ]

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 09:25:48PM -0400, H. Calvin Thompson wrote:
>On 4/13/2012 5:28 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>OK. What type of machine are you trying to boot this on? I'm
>>guessing you're seeing the problem from http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#which-cd
>>(paragraph 2)...
>It will not boot on any machine.

>From what you've described this far, I can only assume you're trying
to boot this image on a PC-compatible system. That *will not
work*. "ia64" is for Intel Itanium machines only. If you're looking
for a 64-bit version of Debian for a PC, you'll want to download the
"amd64" version.

>I have tried to burn the iso image on three different machines, and
>with three different types of cd burning software.  When the image
>has been burned, and the burning software verifies the files between
>the source (your file that I have downloaded:
>) and the file burned onto the disc, the dialog window states that
>there is an error between the two files.
>I have downloaded debian-6.0.4-ia64-netinst.iso on a machine with
>Windows Vista SP 2, one with Windows 7, and a Mac. On each machine's
>cd burning software, I get the same problem:

>Step 1 in burning process
>Step 2 in burning process
>Step 3 in burning process
>Step 4 in burning process
>Step 6 in burning process
>Please note the issue.  I have had this identical issue with 4
>different downloads of the same file, debian-6.0.4-ia64-netinst.iso,
>on three different systems, each having a different cd burning
>application.  The result of this error is that the cd that has been
>burned will not boot on any system.

If you're continually seeing errors after burning the image, that must
be a local problem. All the CD burning software can be doing is
comparing what you've written to the image file you have. If there's a
difference there, that can't be a problem with the image we've

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