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Re: Append a file (preseed.cfg) to initrd.gz of Debian install CD

* Silas Silva <silasdb@gmail.com> [100419 22:03]:
> I soon discovered it should be on the initrd.gz file, but I couldn't
> find a way to generate this file correctly.  I quickly-and-dirtily
> unpacked it with cpio, put the file in there, and repacked it. After
> rebuilding the ISO, it boots, but it stops at the end of the boot and
> doesn't launch the installer.

I'm routinely changing initrd files by unpacking, changing and
repacking, which works quite well (I only do netboot, though).

Some things to check:

* Do the unpack either with root or better with fakeroot and
put the /dev/ files manualy in there (check that you have them,
at least lenny's initrd have them and need them).

* Make sure you create cpio of the correct format (kernel AFAIKS only
supports a format not generated by default). I use:
find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip -c > ../patched.initrd.gz

(If you used fakeroot, this command should be issued in the same
fakeroot session as unpacking command, so that the owners and
permissions are retained).

	Bernhard R. Link

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