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Missing files and reported checksum errors in i386 amd64 jigdo dvd

Hi since the 11 April I have had problems with the jigdo builds for i386, amd64.
i386 image2 has 2 missing files
i386 image4 has 4 missing files which cannot be found, I have tried MANY mirror sites

jigdo tells me CHECKSUM ERROR on image1 and image5, 6, 7 which are successfully build however when I run md5sum on the images they are correct.
They match the md5sums in MD5SUM.large!
Is there a checksum in the jigdo or template file which is incorrect?
How can I find the missing files (not from any of the debian sites I have tried). The reported checksum error from jigdo is not serious as there is no checksum error in the image!
Rob Key

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