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Append a file (preseed.cfg) to initrd.gz of Debian install CD

Hello all.

(I hope this is the right list where I can ask this question).

After some search I discovered that there are several ways to make an
automated (or semi-automated) installation of Debian on a computer.  One
of this ways is using preseed, which requires a configuration file
somewhere.  I wanted to put it on the Debian installation CD itself.

I soon discovered it should be on the initrd.gz file, but I couldn't
find a way to generate this file correctly.  I quickly-and-dirtily
unpacked it with cpio, put the file in there, and repacked it. After
rebuilding the ISO, it boots, but it stops at the end of the boot and
doesn't launch the installer.

My question is: what is the right way to make the Debian CD's initrd.gz?
update-initramfs is just for an installed system?  Should I have Debian
installed on my workstation or these steps can be performed on another
Linux distribution?

I didn't find answers to these questions on the wiki nor elsewhere.

Please, Cc me if you don't mind.

Thank you very much!

Silas Silva

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