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Re: About ignoring problems instead of fixing them

On Thursday 24 December 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > I would
> > really *really* like to see d-i properly integrated into the archive
> > and uploaded periodically so it can migrate to testing, as we've
> > discussed in the past many times. The current situation is a train
> > wreck.

And you simply cannot use "periodic uploads" for daily CD images.

Why? Because the udebs used in D-I images must match the udebs loaded from 
CD later in the installation.

If you'd use periodic D-I uploads as a basis for daily CD builds (or 
network based installs), you will still end up with images that don't work 
because the two will slowly diverge due to uploads to sid.

So: daily CD builds *must* use daily built D-I images. Some occasional and 
mostly temporary breakage is unavoidable. In a lot of cases (sid just 
being sid) a problem will resolve itself within a day or two. If a problem 
persists it simply needs to be traced and solved.

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