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Re: About ignoring problems instead of fixing them

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 09:33:03PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>From farbror (CD build server):
>--- tools/boot/squeeze/boot-x86 (revision 1964)
>+++ tools/boot/squeeze/boot-x86 (working copy)
>@@ -230,7 +230,8 @@
>                        boot$N/isolinux/win32-loader.ini boot$N/
>        fi
>-       if [ -e boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk ]; then
>+       if [ 0 = 1 ] && -e boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk ]; then
>                extra_image gtk/initrd.gz
>                mv boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt
>                mv boot$N/isolinux/f4.txt.withgtk boot$N/isolinux/f4.txt
>Wow, so now the build does not fail.
>Is it really better to ignore errors and create broken images [1] than to 
>actually solve the error? That really sucks.

I saw that the graphical images weren't available any more so I
disabled them. From the last discussion I saw fly past, it looks like
the lack of graphical images is a known feature. I'm getting dozens of
complaints every time the weekly builds fail these days, so with no
further information to go on and no warning from the d-i folks I took
this choice.

It's getting painful using the daily-built d-i images for the weekly
testing CDs, as the number of broken builds is very high. I would
really *really* like to see d-i properly integrated into the archive
and uploaded periodically so it can migrate to testing, as we've
discussed in the past many times. The current situation is a train

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