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About ignoring problems instead of fixing them

From farbror (CD build server):

--- tools/boot/squeeze/boot-x86 (revision 1964)
+++ tools/boot/squeeze/boot-x86 (working copy)
@@ -230,7 +230,8 @@
                        boot$N/isolinux/win32-loader.ini boot$N/

-       if [ -e boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk ]; then
+       if [ 0 = 1 ] && -e boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk ]; then
                extra_image gtk/initrd.gz
                mv boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk boot$N/isolinux/f3.txt
                mv boot$N/isolinux/f4.txt.withgtk boot$N/isolinux/f4.txt

Wow, so now the build does not fail.
Is it really better to ignore errors and create broken images [1] than to 
actually solve the error? That really sucks.

It would have been so much nicer if, when you don't know the cause of a 
problem or how to solve it, to write a mail and discuss it on the relevant 
lists so that others could have been given an opportunity to help or 

I've already committed a proper fix in D-I for this a bit earlier [2] and 
therefore reverted this nonsense. After testing if my fix is correct I'll 
also upload D-I again as otherwise 'alpha1' images would also be broken.

In despair at how problems appear to be solved nowadays,

[1] Apparently nobody has even bothered to test a daily built image 
recently because if they had it would have been obvious that it includes 
syslinux options for the graphical installer that don't work.
And I've even *said* that this should be tested when we discussed disabling 
the graphical installer on d-boot.
[2] And then did a local test build which failed and then wondered why 
daily builds were not failing.

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