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Re: Updated squeeze image builds available

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009, Aamod Nerurkar wrote:

Steve McIntyre wrote:
A number of people noticed that the regular weekly CD/DVD builds were
missing last week. Changes in components needed by d-i since the lenny
release meant that we've had to move over to using daily d-i builds in
the weekly images rather than remaining on the last lenny build. AFAIK
things should *probably* be working now, but I can't promise
The weekly builds are working now and there are ISO images in their
respective directories. But as I specified earlier here[1], their is
problem with torrents being not registered on tracker.

I use testing release of Debian and hence want to download it. Direct
download never seems to work for me because of slow internet
connections. Hence, awaiting correction to torrent system for weekly

I'll try to fix it. If your connection is that slow though, I don't see how bittorrent would help you either, you still only have a week (minus a day or two in the bittorrent case for the seeder to grab the iso and start seeding) before it is obsoleted by a new image.

For those interested: The problem is that the tracker is running on a temporary host until we get ipv6 on a different network segment. So it is missing a few cron jobs etc. And as all "quick temporary" setups, it has lasted for much longer than I initially thought it would...

/Mattias Wadenstein

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