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Re: [RFC] Consequences for official CD/DVD images for Lenny

The i386/amd64/powerpc DVD is more problematic as having all desktops will completely fill the DVD leaving no room for other packages with a high popcon score. Proposal is therefore to drop powerpc support from this DVD. With only i386 and amd64 there is still room for the top ~2600 packages on the DVD.
I'm not sure about this one, there are still quite a few powerpc macs out there and hopefully PS3 support will be coming to debian at some point.

Dropping images that make no sense?
Somewhat unrelated. We have several architectures that don't support booting from CD (armel, mipsel, s390) which means we're building a number of images that nobody will ever use:
- businesscard and netinst
aren't CD images also used to do hd-media installs?

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