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multi-arch dvd, build-depends and the GPL

The initial announcement of the mulit-arch DVD [1] said
There is also a combined amd64/i386/powerpc/source DVD which should
contain most of what people will commonly want to install on each of
those 3 arches, roughly equivalent to the contents of the first 3-4
CDs or so each. Binary-all package overlaps mean that there is space
on this disc for more packages than might be expected. Plus, sources
for all the binaries on the DVD will be included too. This DVD is
therefore probably the ideal choice of disc to sell or give away at

I read this as saying "source is included so if you hand this DVD out you should be covered for your GPL obligations"

Unfortunately while source packages are included build dependencies are not. Some of those build-dependencies can probablly be recreated from source on the DVD but others won't be able to (for example devmapper build-depends on automake which is not included on the DVD and is built from source package automake1.10 which is also not included on the DVD )

IMO if the DVD is not providing build-deps then it is almost certainly not providing source for some of the included packages in the gpl sense.

[1] http://osdir.com/ml/linux.debian.devel.announce/2006-12/msg00006.html

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