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[RFR/RFC] Multi-desktop CDs for lenny - take 2

(Follow-up to http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2008/11/msg00048.html.)

I have done quite a bit of additional development since that previous mail 
and things are now much nicer and implemented a lot cleaner.

Overview of changes:
- isolinux config files for additional desktops moved to subdirectories
- multi-arch multi-desktop is now supported
- for light CD: separate rescue submenu on first isolinux screen
- support for "all desktop" images:
  - basic isolinux layout is unchanged from current images; old options
    continue to install GNOME
  - new option in Advanced options menu: Alternative desktop environments
  - after selecting that choice between KDE, LXDE and Xfce; 'back' option
    has help text that higher level options will install GNOME
  - after selecting an alternative DE, you again get the full set of menu
    options, except for rescue
- if 'help' is selected after choosing a desktop environment _all_
  normal installation options will install the correct desktop, so
  no hint is needed anymore on the help screens; this includes hitting
  <enter>, but also typing 'install' or 'expertgui'

The total patch series is quite large, but none of the changes is really 
invasive. I will reply to this mail with a series of mails containing 
patches for review. Most will only be sent to the debian-cd list, so 
please see that list for the complete series.
The patch series also changes the way language tasks are added during CD 
builds. This is mostly technical, but includes a few logical changes too.
More about this in a follow-up mail which I will CC to debian-boot.

The intention is to port the basic syslinux config changes to D-I 
post-lenny so we'll no longer have to do the extensive manipulation of 
config files in debian-cd. Exactly how and whether or not to also support 
all-desktop selection in e.g. netboot images will need some discussion.

Because of the many changes I have again some images for testing available 
for download from [1]:
* Same images as last time:
  - debian-50-i386-lxde-CD.iso
  - debian-50-i386-light-CD.iso (lxde + xfce)
  Please *do* test these again because of the many code changes!
* Businesscard images that demonstrate the "all desktop" support:
  - debian-50-i386-BC-1.iso (single arch)
  - debian-50-i386-amd64-BC-1.iso (multi-arch)

Remaining ToDo:
* Test the light CD / all desktop images with serial boot.
* Add lxde and multi-desktop support in win32-loader configs (post-lenny).
* Help text is not displayed for desktop submenu entries. Probably a
  syslinux limitation.


[1] http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/fjp/

Overview of the patch series:
- Three minor bug fix patches (which I will not post)
1 Split out list of languages supported by D-I and tasksel from
  task.list files
2 Update list of languages supported by tasksel and D-I for Lenny
3 Add support for a separate LXDE desktop CD
4 Add support to create a 'light desktop' CD
5 Add support to create an 'all desktops' DVD
6 Two patches with finishing touches:
  - Ensure working boot config for light/all desktops for arches other
    than x86
  - Allow building all-desktop businesscard and netinst CDs using
    easy-build script

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