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Re: Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly

Steve McIntyre dijo [Fri, Dec 22, 2006 at 03:04:54PM +0000]:
> Bad news I'm afraid. I've worked through the mkisofs boot code again,
> and I get:
> (...)
> I'm looking further to see if it's at all possible to get (e.g.) hppa
> and alpha to live in the same boot sector, but it's really not likely.

I might be stating the obvious, but the OpenBSD team (and I understand
it's Theo specifically who was responsable for this) spent a
nontrivial amount of time working how to make their CDs bootable in
every possible platform, with usually 3-4 architectures per
CD. Maybe (knowing their community is (even) more hostile than ours)
it's not an option to ask them for information on how they managed to
do this, but you could study a bit their ISO's layout. 

Their ISOs are not freely redistributable, but if you are interested,
I can snail-mail you some older releases (~4 year old, IIRC) I have
around here.


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