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Re: Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> Unfortunately, even the GNOME desktop environment doesn't fit on the
> CD#1.

True, but enough does fit to have a basically useable gnome desktop.

> You will need broadband connection to fetch some more packages
> or use the full DVD#1 for your architecture. The bonus is that KDE
> will be there too (full DVD #1). I'm not sure about the latest
> statistics on KDE and XFCE alternative desktop CD#1. Joey, could you
> give us that information?

All of kde doesn't fit on the kde CD, the key packages for the task do.
I expect that all of xfce will fit on its CD, but as its CD is currently
apparently broken and doesn't include much of anything, I'm not yet

> >those 3 arches, roughly equivalent to the contents of the first 3-4
> >CDs or so each. Binary-all package overlaps mean that there is space
> >on this disc for more packages than might be expected. Plus, sources
> >for all the binaries on the DVD will be included too. This DVD is
> >therefore probably the ideal choice of disc to sell or give away at
> >Expos.
> Does it contains desktop, kde-desktop, gnome-desktop and xfce-desktop?
> I guess not, but who knows. ;)

I don't know yet, it might since IIRC kde starts around CD 3 or 4 of the
regular CD set.

> I would like to suggest 'split' the 9 archs left in 3, something like:
> - arm, mips, mipsel

Not enough machines for these arches with CD drives to be useful, I think.

> - hppa, ia64, s390

AFAIK the use cases for s390 CDs are very limited and don't include
booting, so it's not needed.

see shy jo

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