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Re: Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> Do you know what's broken in Xfce cd? Is it tasksel related? I hope not.

Missing task file, it should be fixed in the next build.

> Sounds great, could you give me a link with the log or check it in the
> next build please?

I checked the log, the current muti dvd doesn't seem to have any desktop
packages on it, not even gnome-desktop-environment.

> I'm sure they're, so can't we go for a new multiarch containing hppa
> and ia64 only or even i386, hppa and ia64 ?

Hmm, keeping i386 on it is an interesting idea. Or it could have alpha,
hppa, and ia64, for the big/old/weird/64 bit iron multiarch cd. :-)

see shy jo

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