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Re: Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly

On 12/20/06, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:
On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 05:04:28PM -0200, Gustavo Franco wrote:
>>In case it's not obvious, the 3 arches picked for these discs are
>>simply the most common end-user systems out there. There is scope for
>>producing more multi-arch discs, but the possible combinations are
>>*massive* :-).
>I would like to suggest 'split' the 9 archs left in 3, something like:
>- arm, mips, mipsel
>- hppa, ia64, s390
>- sparc, m68k, alpha
>Is it possible? Do you think it will fit ? If yes, i can prepare
>patches for debian-cd once i figure out all that pile of changes.

There is a problem that I didn't mention here specifically yet: many
of the arches clash in terms of how to make a CD bootable. Many expect
to find their own special metadata in sector 0 of the CD, and most of
them are completely incompatible. :-( We're actually quite lucky that
the common 3 arches are compatible.

I thought about that but since you've not cited the technical limitation
i asked anyway. ;)

The other thing is that the number of CD/DVD-bootable machines in the
other arches is really quite small, probably small enough not to be
worth bothering with the extra effort here for the multi-arch discs.

No problem.

>> (...)
>>I'm still expecting to add Live CDs to the list here before we
>>release. Otherwise, I think we're about set. If there's anything else
>>you'd like us to do or anything you'd like to ask about, please reply
>>to this mail - note the Reply-To to the debian-cd list.
>Do you plan to use the live-package to build the live cds or some new
>code into debian-cd ? If you're going to pick live-package i submitted
>a patch to Daniel that would permit use a tasksel based approach to
>select packages, and not the fixed list as they actually do. I have no
>feedback about that until now. It seems they were going to do a major
>change in the code.

Yep, I'm expecting to use live-package. I need to get playing with
that soon...

Sounds good. Please, let us be sure that the during a GNOME, KDE or
XFCE 'live session' the user will have the same or similar as possible
set of packages as installed by d-i (tasksel), as i told you, over the
current codebase there's a patch i submitted that is a step on this
direction. We just need to tweak it a bit and build at least a set
with 3 live desktop cd's (one for each desktop environment and i386),
IMHO. Thoughts?

The possibility of give to the users during a event the DVD#1
containing the 3 desktop environments and 1 live-cd containing the one
he prefers to use (if any) to play with the stuff and test the
hardware compatibility before install is exciting.

-- stratus

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