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Bug#394700: Any joy using newer syslinux?

>   1. FD 2.88MB   Systme Type-(0F)
> Boot failed
> It didn't boot either on 2 other i386 boxes... Is the 2nd sarge CD 
> really bootable ? Just tested with "qemu -cdrom", failed too.
> >
> >PS: Steve, can you confirm that current sarge release CDs are still 
> >carrying
> >a "floppy emulation" boot on the second CD?

Well... I've been tracking this down and the "Boot failed" is the message
that the boot sector of the floppy disk that we have echoes when it cannot
load ldlinux.sys, after looking at the floppy I've found that the
ldlinux.sys is 0 bytes long, which of course is not ok.

So, the floppies we are using on the second CD of sarge to boot from CD
using floppy emulation are not bootable, which means that the CDs are not
bootable, this happens on all sarge releases from r0a to r4, I think we
should bug the d-i guys on this and also maybe write it on the release notes
or some errata if we have it, shouldn't we?

Fabrice: as for you... your machine tried to boot this CD (the one with
floppy emulation) even though the floppy image on it is not bootable, which
means that I was probably right and your bios can only boot with floppy
emulation. You can bypass this limitation if the CD reader is an ATAPI one,
on this case you can make a bootable floppy with sbm and boot from it and
then let sbm boot from CD. For this you can use the sbm image we used to
include on the first CD of woody, and also on etch, it is on the install
directory, you can find there a README.sbm file and the image itself, I'm
adding here a couple of links to our svn repository just in case.


Hope that helps.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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