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Re: Bug#402267: More info

In article <m2n.s.2006120920282026928@mossbank.org.uk> you write:
>On Dec 9, 2006, at 12:15 PM, Frans Pop wrote:
>> Hi Rick,
>> On Saturday 09 December 2006 07:49, Rick Thomas wrote:
>>> Curiously enough, the netinst CD does appear to have the missing
>>> file...
>> Seems to me like the message is not about the presence of the file  
>> itself
>> but rather that it is not listed _inside_ the file
>> /cdrom/dists/etch/Release.
>> Could you send us that file?
>Here it is...
>Presumably, the equivalent file on a "businesscard" install is coming  
>from the mirror, not the CD?  So you're not interested in what's on  
>the businesscard CD in that place?  Please let me know if you need  
>that too.
>For what it's worth, this also happened about a week ago, but I  
>figured it was a transient error and didn't report it then.  I've  
>been out of town for the intervening time.  But now I'm back and  
>ready to pursue the issue.  Etch obviously can't release until this  
>is diagnosed and fixed.

Hmmm. Yeah, the Packages.gz file isn't listed in the Release
file. Looks like it may be a bug caused by my debian-cd changes in the
last couple of days. I'm checking it out now.

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