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Bug#394700: Any joy using newer syslinux?

Santiago Garcia Mantinan a écrit :
For the record, I tried quit a bunch of cdrom on this box in october. Appart from knoppix 3.2 (which is using isolinux 2.04), I wasn't able to boot anything with isolinux/syslinux > 2.04 (anything <= 2.00 boots fine). One weirdness is that knoppix 3.2 works and sarge install cdrom doesn't with both using isolinux 2.04.

Ummm, did you try the second sarge cd? It is also bootable but it uses what
I think is called "floppy emulation" method of booting. For what I recall
old versions of knoppix also used this, It could be that your machine
doesn't support booting using our new method of booting (same one others
like MS are using on new OS), but they can boot using "floppy emulation",
this used to happen on old computers.

Can you try the second sarge CD to test this?

Sure. Grabed http://debian.ens-cachan.fr/ftp/debian-cd/3.1_r4/i386/iso-cd/debian-31r4-i386-binary-2.iso
md5sum -c : checked ok

But the iso didn't boot :
Boot from CD :
  1. FD 2.88MB   Systme Type-(0F)
Boot failed

It didn't boot either on 2 other i386 boxes... Is the 2nd sarge CD really bootable ? Just tested with "qemu -cdrom", failed too.

PS: Steve, can you confirm that current sarge release CDs are still carrying
a "floppy emulation" boot on the second CD?

Steve, I didn't know isoinfo, interresting tool, thanks for the hint.
I played a bit with it on most of the CDs (booting and not booting) I have... but I didn't find a pattern.


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