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Re: Creating debian repository from dvd / cd sets

Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org> writes:

> In article <4434C625.3080404@clubtech.co.za> davydm@clubtech.co.za writes:
>>After spending some quality time on google looking for a way to 
>>transform a debian dvd / cd set into a working repository, I've come to 
>>think that I'm perhaps the only person silly enough to want to do so. 
>>Whilst I can find a lot on the reverse process (mirror to cd / dvd 
>>image), I haven't found what I'm looking for to be able to do the following:

A dvd/cd already is a working repository. You just have to copy the
contents as is. The only drawback is that with a 15 CD set you end up
with 15 repositories instead of one merged one.

My recommendation is to use reprepro. Setup reprepro with a updates
entry "Method: file:///cdrom", mount each cdrom/dvd in turn and run
"reprepro update". Once you are done with all CDs/DVDs you can change
the config to "Method: http://debian.mirror.near.you/debian"; and add a
second entry with "Method: http://security.debian.org"; to get the
latest (security) updates added to the repository as well. For more
details RTFM.


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