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Re: CDs won't boot, give a failed crc, or don't give a menu

David Liontooth wrote:
> OK, I tried that -- wget
> http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/3.1_r0a/i386/iso-cd/debian-31r0a-i386-netinst.iso
> Fails. Boots to the welcome screen, I press return, reads the compressed
> image, and gives a crc error. On two very different machines. That's my
> sixth coaster.
> Debian doesn't seem to have a working boot CD anywhere.  I guess I'll do
> a debootstrap.

Except that this CD was extensively tested before release and generally
works for everyone else.

You have a hardware or a software problem with them machines you are
using for burning or booting.

PS: When reporting problems, it's useful to give actual error messages.
    Saying you have "a crc error" is useless.

see shy jo

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